Events & Notices


Match Nights

Thursdays unless mutually agreed otherwise




Euchre Drives

Start 7.30pm Sharp

Gremlin Club

Contact Butch Le Ray 07781 401532




Team Knock Out


Prelim Rounds

14th 16th September



Euchre Drive





Saturday 10th October






Team Knock Out





1st Round

19th 20th 21st October



2nd Round

16th 17th 18th November



Euchre Drive





Saturday 5th December












Team Knock Out





Quarter Finals

18TH 19TH 20TH January



Semi Finals

15th 16th 17th February



Euchre Drive





Saturday 12th March


Team Knock Out


14th 15th 16th March



Euchre Drive





Saturday 16th April






Presentation And Dinner

Saturday 28th May



The Gremlin Club

Tuesday 7th June

8.00pm Sharp


Summer League & Trios Presentation

The Gremlin Club

Thursday 11th August

8.00pm start prompt