2015 – 2016 test





1.  The League shall be named the "Guernsey United Euchre League".

2.  The Officers of the League shall form TWO Committees, one for the day to day running of the League, the other being an Appeals Committee.

The League Committee shall consist of:

Fixtures Secretary;
Public Relations Officer and up to Six Ordinary Members to form a Committee.

All to be members of an affiliated Club. To be elected at the Annual General Meeting, by a straight majority vote, from nominations submitted in writing, signed by a Proposer and Seconder, at least 21 days before the A.G.M. Any resignations during the period between the A.G.M. shall be filled by the Committee electing the replacement. The President to have the casting vote in the event of a tie. Five Members to form a quorum.

The Appeals Committee shall consist of a Chairman, Secretary and one other. All to be registered players, but not to be members of the League Committee. All to have a vote. The officers shall be elected by a majority vote at the A.G.M.

Should any member of the Appeals Committee become directly or indirectly involved in any protest lodged or in the Committee findings, then that member shall be required to stand down and be replaced by a Team Captain from any division at the invitation of the League President.

3.  Trophies shall be competed for and will be held for twelve months. The winners are to be responsible for the safe keeping and to ensure the return to the League Secretary in ample time for the Annual Presentation of Trophies. The League to insure Trophies.

4.  The annual subscription to be as agreed at the Annual General Meeting. The annual subscription shall be paid in full by July 31st each year.

5.  All members of such competing team shall be eligible to attend the A.G.M . Only one vote per team.

6.  A player shall not be eligible to play for more than one team during any season unless a written transfer signed by both captains is received by the Fixtures Secretary. The transfer to be subject to approval by the Committee. Any player signing for more than one team may be suspended.

7.  Registration of players. A team shall have a minimum of TEN and maximum of THIRTY players, correctly detailed on the Official Registration Form(s) provided and submitted to the Fixtures Secretary at least 10 days prior to the A.G.M. Additional players can only be registered on Official Registration Form(s), to be received by the Fixtures Secretary at least THREE days before that player plays.

8.  All league matches shall be arranged before commencement of the season.

NOTE: - All matches to commence by 8 p.m. after which games must be forfeited. (Under exceptional circumstances, appeal can be made to Committee.)

9.  The result of each match together with the correct Names and Scores of all Players shall be recorded on the Official Form and delivered to the Fixtures Secretary or sent by post or fax. It shall be signed by the respective Captains, whose Signatures will be taken as vouching for the contents appertaining to their respective Teams. The Captain of the "home" team will be responsible for the forwarding  of the result form to the Fixtures Secretary by MIDDAY SUNDAY after the match being played. Failure to comply in League Matches will result in a one point deduction. No Match will be included in the League Table until the Official Form is received by the Fixtures Secretary. Should any false entries be made, not being an offence under any other Rule or Rules, the team concerned will forfeit a maximum of 3 points.

10. In the event of a team failing to play, the maximum number of points will be awarded to the opposing team. Any team failing to play more than on two occasions shall be deemed to have withdrawn from the League and all their matches become void, unless a joint application of three days' notice shall have been given to the League Secretary for permission to postpone the match to a specific date. If due to any unforeseen circumstances this rule is broken, an appeal to the Committee can be made. When matches are played on a two leg basis, if ONE team fails to play any one game, the opposition will be awarded the match. Should the Committee not accept the reason for the failure of a Team or Registered Members to play a match in a Competition, the Committee shall have the right to re-arrange such matches.

11. Any team withdrawing after the fixtures are made shall be expelled from the Guernsey United Euchre League.

12. Protests shall be decided by the League Committee. Any team wishing to protest, must do so IN WRITING to the Fixtures Secretary within THREE days. Each protest to be accompanied by a deposit of £5.00, which shall be refunded if the appeal is upheld. The appeal will be heard as soon as is practical. A representative of each team involved to be present at the hearing.

An appeal against the Committee's findings can be made to the Appeals Committee, IN WRITING, through either Secretary, within FIVE days of notification of the Committee’s ruling. A deposit of £10.00 is required, which shall be refunded if the appeal is upheld. The appeal will be heard as soon as is practical. The result of the Appeals Committee ruling is final. They shall have the power to deal with ALL matters not provided for by the Rules. Two members of the Committee and two members of the TEAM to be present. The Committee's findings to be waived until the Appeal is heard by the Appeals Committee.

13. Any player caught cheating or practising any illegal play in any League Matches or Euchre Drives will be permanently suspended from the Guernsey United Euchre League's activities.

14. The entrance Fee for the Team Knock-Out and the Pairs Knock-Out Tournaments shall be as agreed at the Annual General Meeting.

15. The Annual Presentation of Trophies shall take place as soon as practicable after the last Match of the Season.

16. New teams to be accepted into the League by a majority vote at the Annual General Meeting, the registration of players for such teams being as detailed in rule 7. The forming of Divisions, Promotion or Relegation to be decided by a majority vote at the Annual General Meeting.

17. Continued Membership of the League will not be automatic. Any Committee Member, Individual or Team whose conduct during the season has, in the minuted opinion of the Committee, been detrimental to the Good Name, or the smooth running of the League, can have their Membership cancelled by a majority vote at the Annual General Meeting, or an Emergency General Meeting.

18. The person signing the registration form for a Team shall be the only person to decide the Name and Venue of that Team. The Committee reserves the right to require any team to change Venue if it deems it to be unsuitable.

19. No alterations, additions or amendments to these Rules shall be made except at the Annual General Meeting.

20. The Fixtures Secretary shall be notified in writing not less than twenty-one days before the Annual General Meeting of any proposed New Rule, alteration or addition to any existing Rules. A copy of all proposed alterations, additions or amendments to the Rules will be sent to the various Clubs at least fourteen days before the Annual General Meeting.

21. The Committee shall have power to deal with all matters not provided for by the Rules.

Special attention is drawn to Rule 21.


22. Four Couples shall be the number to represent each Team.

23. Playing cards and scoring boards should be examined by both Captains before any match, as no protest regarding these shall be entertained after any match. Only playing cards provided by the League are to be used, with a “full euchre pack” defined as being 33 cards (joker plus 7s-10s, picture cards and aces).

24. Players of each opposing team shall "be drawn" as partners for the match of the evening. In the event of players being incorrectly seated, the offending team shall forfeit any result - the match going to the opposition.

25. Each Couple of the home team shall play five games of 15 points with the visiting team. No team shall be represented by less than SIX players, in default rule 10 shall apply.

26. The result of the matches shall be decided by the majority of games.

27. Match points shall be:- Two for a win, and One for a draw. In the event of two or more teams securing an equal number of points at the end of league matches, then games difference will decide top or bottom positions. If two or more teams should have the same games difference, those teams winning most matches would be classed top. Matches won by default to be counted as a 12-8 winning score, the non offending team to be credited with a two point win and the 12-8 score in their games difference total.

28. Team Aggregate Shield to be competed for over the first 26 matches in the league program.

29. Individual Aggregate, Ladies Best Games Aggregate, Mens Best Aggregate, forfeited or by default scores not to be counted. To be competed for over the first 26 matches in the league program, with a minimum of 18 matches being played.

30. Should a Knock-Out match end in a draw after twenty games played, a further game on three tables (to be drawn for) shall be played to decide the match winner.

31. Any player turning up "joker" when dealing shall call trumps and pick same up, having the option of going "alone" or "with help". No other player may call trumps.

32. Players must call "pass" in order of call and not "go" or "knock" on the table to indicate their intentions. In default a re-deal to be made.

33. No player shall be allowed to "order' his opponent unless he himself possesses not less than two trump cards. No player shall make trumps unless he has at least two trumps. In default a penalty of four points will be awarded to the opponents.

34. In the event of a player when dealing, face a card, a re-deal to be made.

35. Cards shall be dealt clockwise in three's and two's or two's and three's. The full euchre pack must be held in the dealer’s hand. In default a re-deal to be made.

36. No player or reserve at matches shall if overlooking a League or Knock-Out game, make any comment on the play. The Captain shall have the power to enforce this rule. In default a re-deal to be made and the offending player or reserve to be reported to the Committee.

37. All cards shall be shuffled and cut before dealing. Each team to cut from a full euchre pack. Order of Values: Joker, any one of the 4 Jacks, then Ace downwards.

38. All cards shall be "played out" face up in front of each player.

39. No player shall be permitted, whilst a hand is in play, to refer to any trick once turned down, except in case of a revoke.

40. An interval of ten minutes shall be allowed.

41. Penalties. Revoke - A revoke is constituted when a card is played. A penalty of two points on a “with help” call or four points on an “alone” call shall be forfeited by the offending team. A mislead or a card shown and not played shall incur the same penalties. A mis-call shall incur a penalty of four points.

42. Scale of Points:- Four points a lone hand; two points, euchred; two points, march with partner; one point, three or four tricks.

43. When Dealer picks up or is ordered up that same card not to be discarded. In default a penalty of two points if “with help” or four points if “alone”, will be awarded to the opponents.

44. The system for automatic relegation applies to the bottom two teams in each division, even if this means promoting three or more teams from the division(s) below.