Marketeers:A.Gallienne 1984 Joint Winners
Les Guernesiais:C.Mauger 1985 Red Arrows:C.Parsons
Red Arrows:G.Waterman
Marketeers:T.Romeril 1986
Parishioners:R.Le Ray
Sylvans:E.Callaway 1987 Foresters Arms:A.Presland
The Jokers:C.Browning 1988 Red Arrows:G.Waterman
Comebacks:M.Thorn 1989 Card Kings:W.Green
Red Arrows:T.Waterman 1990 London House:M.Druce
Saints S.C.:D.Teed 1991 Imperial:A.Merrien
Laura's 8:J.De Garis 1992 North Social:M Le Feurve
Gabby's Own:T.Greening 1993 West 8:M.Bachelet
Parishioners:A.Anderson 1994 Delancey Parkers:R.Mauger
Ex Coq Du Nord.:I.Whitchurch 1995 Demons:W.Soloway
Police Club:A.Harris 1996 The Imps:P.Martin
Gremlin B:P.Dougherty 1997 Wayside Dealers:B.Pridgent
Cricketeers:C. Gallienne 1998 West 8:C. Rowe
The Imps:C. Merrien 1999 West Legion A:M. Thorn
Handfulls: S Robert 2000 Sharks: J Gauvain
Ldn. House Boys: D Makepeace 2001 Plough Pirates: T Pascal
Buccaneers: W Mechem 2002 Champion: D Rumens
St Jacques, C Churchill  2003 Coboites, J Le Cheminant
Mariners Aces. M Brehaut 2004 Parishioners. T Ashplant
Posters G Dodd 2005 Posters K Budge
Ex Service C Welch 2006 Rovers R.C. C Mahieu
Buccaneers S Mechem 2007 Dimo's 8 T Ebborell
Champions D Rumens 2008
Strikers K De Carteret 2009
Untouchables P Queripel 2010
N.L.8  J Blaise 2011
St Jacques T Le Cheminant 2012
Card Kings C Masterton 2013 West Legion B S Solomons
Belles & Bouys M Le Sauvage 2014 19th Holers L Gaudion
                            D Baker 2015                   T Baker
Rovers Return P Lesbirel 2016 Jamaica "A" J Barlow